Hospitality at the Ladurnerhof

In a class of its own

A picture postcard setting: the spa town of Merano

A lively place that exudes real joie de vivre. The many flavours and facets of both Alpine and Mediterranean culture pervade every street in the town. Market days are a wonderful opportunity to get to know Merano and its inhabitants, memories you will treasure for a long time to come.

Really happy times at the Ladurnerhof

The great door opens to reveal a little rural oasis: the spacious inner courtyard with the large barn, the fertile vineyards, the well-kept vegetable garden and the huge ancient cedar tree. The noise of traffic fades into the distance and the busy town seems very far away, even though it's only a 10-minute walk to the centre.

A journey through our history

Once upon a time.

The farmhouse that once belonged to the forebears of the Runggaldier family stands in Via Haller, in the centre of Merano. The oxen were led to pasture through the historic town centre, up to the present Via Giuseppe Verdi.

At the beginning of the century.

Things got better, Merano became a spa town. The oxen - and above all the traces they left behind during their journey - were no longer appropriate in the urban setting, apart from being a thorn in the side for the burgomasters. So Sebastian Ladurner, Hannes' great-grandfather, moved his farm to Via Giuseppe Verdi, formerly known as "Unterm Berg" (under the mountain). This is where the villa, the main house and the farm buildings were all constructed in 1910, and called the Ladurnerhof. On the ground floor of the main house, there was a tavern with stube and terrace, which was rented out. The family lived on the first floor, while the second and third floors were rented to two extended families.


Once upon a time

First World War.

The tavern fell into disuse, while the house was used as a military hospital. Traces of the old tavern can still be seen today, such as the "Kaffee" and "Restaurant" signs on what is now the private terrace.


The Ladurnerhof is an Art Nouveau-style complex, with decorative features in the modernist Heimatschutz ("Homeland Security") style of architecture. The three-storey building was originally designed by Josef Mattmann; it was lovingly restored in 2013, with an annexe added on the north-west side. The original style of the house has been carefully preserved, with the western façade acquiring new symmetry.

Wine barrelEntrance

Time to treat yourself to something special: our scenic roof terrace

... Just when you think there's nothing new to discover: open the door on the third floor and you'll find yourself in a little paradise. A wisteria-covered pergola and olive trees in pots create a charming setting, the scent of jasmine and lavender lingers in the air, and the view stretches out across the vineyard: it's the ideal get-away for body, mind and spirit. In spring and autumn the weather is mild, while in summer you can bask in the warmth of the sun (or under the outdoor shower). At dusk, the mountain landscape is tinged with the many shades of the enrosadira, a sight that is almost too beautiful to describe.

Roof terraceEvening atmosphere

An encounter with flavours: the "Alte Ansetz" (from "ansetzen" = to plant)

Wine was originally produced here, but now we make coffee. The "Alte Ansetz" is a lounge area with honesty bar, and with its natural stone walls, armchairs and wooden tables, it makes a pleasant place to have breakfast, read, or just relax.

In our honesty corner* you'll find a special selection of carefully packaged products:

  • Light: jams, marmalades, honey and butter
  • Vital: yoghurt and muesli
  • Savoury: cold meats and cheeses
  • Sweet: croissants, apple strudel and a wide variety of cakes
  • Aromatic: tea and coffee maker
  • Refreshing: fridge with beer, wine from the Ladurnerhof vineyards and local area, water and fruit juices
  • Homemade: Small gifts for family and friends or souvenirs of your holiday are also available in the "Alte Ansetz": hand-made bread bags, felt craft items made by the talented lady across the road, and many other delightful objects ...

* As its name suggests, an "honesty bar" relies on trust and honesty. Guests can help themselves, and enjoy the various delights either in the "Alte Ansetz" or in their own apartment. You just write your name, the date, and whatever you've taken on a piece of paper, and then put it in the wooden box.

A wonderfully modest and relaxing place.

Veronika Runggaldier

… She'll welcome you and take you round this lovely building, giving you a chance to take in the charming Art Nouveau setting, the big windows, the Venetian flooring and the comfortable soft furnishings. Just by looking at Veronika, you'd never guess she was a biologist before becoming a hotelier. But it's the same with people as with plants: kind words allow them to thrive, a welcoming environment helps them grow, and with warmth and care both guests and flowers are sure to bloom ...



... He's the youngest member of the household and our resident "Gyro Gearloose": although he's only 14 years old, he's already in charge of watering the plants, and builds and improves our irrigation systems. Our guests often comment on the fact that Jakob is so skilled with his hands, and are impressed by his expertise and his various constructions. He probably inherited his creative bent from his father, and from his grandfather - who is always happy to lend a hand. And because grandpa can no longer hear very well, there are often some intriguing exchanges between the two of them, bringing a smile to everyone's lips ...



… She's the "lady" of the house, and sometimes replaces her mum Veronika at the reception desk, or acts as a model for photos in the courtyard. She's believed to have inherited her polite and helpful personality from both her parents. However, because the last thing teenagers want to do is stay indoors and help, Steffi is often out and about and just pops back occasionally to the Ladurnerhof. Her favourite pastime? Horseback riding! Or possibly her mobile phone. But that probably goes for all teenagers ...


Hannes Runggaldier

… He's the master of the Ladurnerhof, but he works around the region and is a very busy man. Our guests don't see him very often, except at weekends, when he and Jakob are busy in the workshop. You might sometimes catch a glimpse of him on weekday mornings, when he's late for work and in a real rush. At times, Hannes is just like Steffi: he has so many thoughts whirling round in his head that every now and then he simply forgets something. So, if he introduces himself to you as Hannes Runggaldier, but you've already known him for 10 years because you're a regular guest, don't worry about it. Everybody has flaws, but that's what make us all unique ...


Mr. Runggaldier Senior, aka grandpa

… He's a real trooper, close to his 90th birthday and in better shape than ever. Neither freezing temperatures in winter nor 40 degrees in summer can stop this man working in the fields or getting on the cogwheel train. Guests say he's a bit eccentric, but also very funny.

Mr. Runggaldier Senior, aka grandpa

Mrs. Runggaldier Senior, aka grandma

… She's grandpa's better half and very sprightly and lively for her age. She was the mistress of the Ladurnerhof until just 14 years ago. Sometimes, in homage to the good old days, she helps welcome guests at reception. She also tends the flowers on the balconies and looks after the vegetable garden, as well as cooking for the family when time is short.

Mrs. Runggaldier Senior, aka grandma

Lenny, the family and farm dog

… He's a sweet, friendly little dog, with a very impish face. He's really just an old "teddy bear", very good-natured and playful and always happy to be petted. He loves to show off all his tricks, accompanies grandpa, Jakob and Hannes to the fields, and enjoys life to the full, just like grandma Runggaldier.

Lenny, the family and farm dog